Medicines and Cures.

Welcome to the Medicines and Cures page, below you will find descriptions of the Medicines and Cures we have on offer!

CM#1.   Owbridge's Lung Tonic.  5 1/4 inches tall B.I.M.A.L. Aqua Rectangular with three sunken panels. Embossed on one side panel "Owbridge's" and "Hull" on the other, with "Lung Tonic" on the front. Near mint condition. (Left of Picture).  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

CM#2.   Piso's Consumption Cure.  Just over 5 inches tall. Rectangular with four sunken panels, in very attractive Emerald Green. Embossed on one side panel "Piso's Cure" with "For Consumption" on the front and "Hazeltine & Co" on the other side panel. Near mint condition. (Middle of Picture).  $19.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

CM#3.   Liqufruta Cough Cure.  5 1/4 inches tall B.I.M.A.L. Rectangular. Embossed on one side panel "Liqufruta" and "Cough Cure" on the other. Lots of tiny bubbles in the glass and quite crudely made. A lot rarer than the later clearglass bottle. Near mint condition. (Left of Picture). $19.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

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