Ink Bottles.

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I#1.  Oval Aqua Ink With Offset Neck.  3 inches tall. Crude B.I.M.A.L.. with some "Stresses" on the inside of the Lip.Very clean and shiny in excellent bordering near mint condition.  (Left of Picture.)  $39. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

I#2.   Aqua Chimney Ink.  Nearly 3 1/2 inches tall. Crude B.I.M.A.L..with a moulding fault and some "Stresses" in the neck.  In excellent bordering near mint condition. (Right of Picture). $45. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#3.   6 oz Cobalt Blue Master Ink.  6 1/2 inches tall."6oz" embossed on base. Near mint condition.  $45   seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#5.   Aqua J.J. Field Embossed Ink.  Octagonal with reinforced long neck. Shear lip, 3 inches high.Tiny imperfection/nibble on inside of lip otherwise mint. (Left of picture).   $20.             seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#6.  Cotton Reel Aqua "Stephens" Ink.  B.I.M.A.L., 2 1/2 inches tall. Embossed  "Stephens" around the bottle. (Left of picture). Near mint condition. $29.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)      sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#7.  Mid-Cobalt Square Ink.  2 inches tall. B.I.M. with a slightly crude shearlip. Has faceted shoulders. Near mint condition. (Middle of picture)$29. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#8.  Aqua 8 Sided "Shaw's" Ink.  Aqua glass. 3 inches tall, B.I.M. with a Crude shearlip. Has "Shaw's Inks Are The Best" embossed around 5 of the sides.  Near mint condition. (Right of picture). $35. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#9.  Lyons' Cotton Reel Ink.    Just over 3 inches tall. B.I.M., shearlip.    Aqua glass. Embossed "Lyons' Ink" in rectangular box.   Excellent bordering near mint condition,with some case wear on the rings.  (Left of Picture.) $25    seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)    sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#10.  Blackwood & Co. Patent Igloo Ink.      Nearly 2 1/2 inches tall.   B.I.M. shearlip, aqua glass.  Embossed "Blackwoods & Co. Patent London"  In excellent bordering near mint condition. (Middle of Picture.)  $40  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)   sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#11.   Early Crude Aqua Tent Ink.    2 1/2 inches tall, round with ribbing down shoulders and a single penrest, shearlip.   Registered Diamond embossed on base. Excellent condition for an early ink, lots of swirls, bubbles and impurities.  (Right of picture).  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#12.  Aqua Tent Ink.  Round with ribbing down shoulders and a single penrest.  "K & T. M." embossed on base, shearlip. 2 1/2 inches tall. In near mint condition.  (Left of picture).$39         seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)         sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#13.   Aqua Cannon Ink.   3 3/4 inches tall Aqua Cannon Ink. B.I.M.A.L.. Has Rd. No. 687097 embossed on one panel near the base.  A very unusual large Ink. In excellent bordering near mint condition.   $35 seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#14.   Light-Green Boat Ink.  Light-Green Hollidge boat ink.  2 inches tall, with 2 pen rests. "Hollidge" embossed.  B.I.M. shearlip.  Excellent condition,just a small chip on the top of a panel.  Appears darker in picture.  (Left of Picture.) $19.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)   sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#15.    Aqua Hexagonal Ink.  2 inches tall. Sloping shoulders.  Six sided, aqua ink.  B.I.M., shearlip.  Lots of bubbles.  Near mint condition.   (Right of Picture.)  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#16.  Aqua Round Ink with Nib Holder. Just over 2 1/4 inches tall, round ink with one nib holder. B.I.M. with a shearlip.  Bubbly aqua glass with a tiny impurity. In excellent condition, just has one tiny open air bubble and a couple of small scrapes. (Left of Picture)seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#17.    Aqua 8 Sided Tipper Ink.  Just under 2 3/4 inches tall.  8 Sided Ink with a cut away base to allow the bottle to sit either straight up or tilted to one side.   B.I.M. with a shearlip, in bubbly aqua glass with one tiny impurity.  In near mint condition, just has some patchy light internal stain and an open air bubble.  $24 seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)
I#18.    Aqua Hexagonal Ink   A touch over 2 inches tall.  B.I.M with a shearlip. Sloping shoulders.  In light bubbly aqua glass has a dark swirl in the base that's hard to see.  In near mint condition.  $17.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

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