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Welcome to the Poison's Page, below you will find descriptions of the Poisons we have on offer!

P#1.   Foulstons Crescent in Green.  Tiny 1/2 oz size. B.I.M.A.L.. Ribbed and sunken front panel.  Embossed "Not to be taken".  Nice bright Green, only 3 inches tall.  Registered No. on the back 461701.  In good condition.  Has 2 open air bubbles on the neck and some impregnated internal dirt.  (Left of picture).  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#2.   Rectangular Cobalt Poison.  Never seen this one before.  Just over 3 1/2 inches tall.  Has "Poison" in large letters embossed between ribbing down the front panel.  B.I.M.A.L.. Near mint condition, just has 2 small scratches. (Middle of picture). $50 seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#3.   Admiralty Poison.  Square Cobalt Blue Poison. B.I.M.A.L.. Getting hard to find, especially in the 1 oz size.  Embossed on the front "1 oz" an arrow and the letter "N". Just 4 1/2 inches tall, complete with stopper. Mint condition. (Right of picture). $85.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)   sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#4.   Martins U Bend Poison.3 oz.  Cellar found. Rare split size Martins complete with Label and dried out contents.  Label reads "The Liniment-Poison".   Has "Poison" embossed on one side, and "The Martins Poison Bottle" on the other, and "Patented" below the ribbing on the end. 5 1/2 inches long and 1 3/4 inches tall.  Absolutely Mint and a very nice addition to any collection. $480.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#5.  Emerald Green Cylinder Poison Complete With Stopper.5 1/2 inches tall with ground glass stopper.  B.I.M.A.L..  Has warning ribs all the way around apart from an arched plain label space, the base is embossed with "W" in a rectangle for the makers Woods.  The bottle is in near mint condition, very clean and shiny, just has a tiny open air bubble to one of the ribs. The stopper is in excellent condition with no damage.(Left of Picture.)$49. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#6.   6 Oz Emerald Green Widemouth Cylinder Poison.  A touch over 5 1/2 inches tall.  B.I.M.A.L..   Has warning ribs half way around the bottle, and "Poison" embossed on the back shoulder of the bottle.  The base is embossed with the number "6".  In near mint condition, very clean and shiny, has some stresses in the neck [in the making] and one impurity in the glass.  [Middle of Picture.] $39  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)    sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#7. Emerald Green Cylinder Poison. Complete with ground glass stopper this poison is nearly 7 inches tall. B.I.M.A.L.. It has warning ribs all around the bottle except for a plain arched panel for a label. Has "W" embossed within a rectangle on the bottom of the bottle. A beautiful poison, in near mint conditon,stopper has a tiny chip & nibble.$59. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#8.   Tiny Cobalt Triangular Poison. Just 2 1/2 inches tall, B.I.M.A.L.. Small triangular poison.  Has warning ribs to two sides both with label spaces, the back panel is plain.   Has "14 RD 469164" embossed on the base.  In near mint condition, very clean and shiny, just has a couple of the tiniest open air bubbles and one barely visible usage scratch. (Right of Picture). $29.   seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#9.   Large Green "Lysol" Jug Poison.  8 1/2 inches tall, B.I.M.A.L..  Lattice work embossing on the front of this large green jug poison, with the "Lysol Trade Mark" embossed at the bottom of the bottle.  Has "Regd. No. 641401" along the top, "Lysol Ltd. London, No. 641401" embossed on the base.   Excellent condition.  (Left of Picture.)  $75. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#10.   20 oz Square Chemist Poison.  7 1/2 inches tall including Ground Glass Stopper and 3 inches wide. B.I.M.A.L.. In Emerald Green. Has three ribbed sides and one plain side. Has "20" embossed on the Base. In very shiny undug condition retaining it's original surface sheen. In near mint condition. (Left of Picture). $90.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#11.   Mid Green "Lysol" Jug Poison.  4 inches tall. B.I.M.A.L.. Embossed "Lysol Boots All British" around shoulders.   With warning stars. "Rgd. No. 645055" embossed on base.  Near mint condition. (Left Of Picture).  $39. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#12.   Mid Green Cylinder.  Nearly 3 1/2 inches tall, B.I.M.A.L..  Mid   green cylinder.   Embossed "Not to be taken" down front with warning ribs.   Embossed "POISON" around base of bottle. Near mint condition.    (Middle of Picture). $38. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#13.   Mid Green Irregular Hexagon.  Nearly 3 1/2 inches tall. B.I.M.A.L..   Embossed "Not to be taken" between two panels of ribs. "1oz" embossed on base. A little beauty.  Near mint condition. (Right of Picture). $35. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#14.   16oz Square Amber Chemist Poison.  7 inches tall, complete with ground glass stopper. 2 1/2 inches wide. B.I.M.A.L.. Amber.  3 sides are ribbed and 1 plain.   Has "16" embossed on base.  In Near mint condition.  (Left of Picture). $90. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)      sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#15.   Tiny Hexagonal Cobalt Poison.  Dark Cobalt. Just over 1 1/2 inches tall. B.I.M.A.L..  Near mint condition, a little beauty.   (Middle of Picture). $35 seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#16.   Small Mid Cobalt Oval Poison.  4 inches tall.  A.B.M.. Near mint condition. (Right of Picture).  $20.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  check2.gif (2527 bytes)

P#17.   Standard Rectangular Poison.  Cobalt Blue, 6 3/4 inches tall. Embossed "Not To Be Taken". Near mint condition,just has a small ding on a rib.(Left of Picture). seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#18.   Standard Rectangular Poison.  As above but smaller 5 1/4 inch size, 4 oz capacity. Near mint condition, just has some small scratches mainly on the back. (Middle of Picture). $22.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)    sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#19.   Rectangular "Poison".  In Cobalt Blue. Embossed "Poison Not To Be Taken" on a central panel. 6 inches tall. Near Mint condition, just has light scratches and some barely visible internal staining. (Right of Picture). $38. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)   sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#20.   Large Triangular Cobalt Blue Poison.  Nearly 6 inches tall, and 2 1/2 inches wide.   B.I.M.A.L.. Wide Mouthed.  Ribbed on 2 sides with label space, plain on third side.  Embossed on base "15, Rd. 469164". Very near mint condition. (Left of Picture.)  $80. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#21.    Scarce Round Backed Triangular Poison.  Taylors, Liverpool, emerald green poison.   Embossed on base "6 Taylors Liverpool."  Has warning bumps down 2 sides and "Not to be taken" embossed down the front.  Embossed on round back "Caution" around the top.  "Regd. No. 469210" around bottom.   Excellent bordering near mint condition.  (Middle of Picture.)   seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#22.   Shearlip Hexagonal Cobalt Blue Poison.   5 1/2  inches tall. Long necked hexagonal poison. Embossed "Poisonous Not To Be Taken"on the front panel with a panel of ribs either side.  Near mint condition with a crude shearlip.  Stands up, but not straight.  (Right of Picture.) $35.   seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#23.  Large Cobalt Blue 12oz Hexagon "Poison".Just over 7 1/2  inches tall. B.I.M.A.L.,  Embossed "Poison, Not to be taken."on the front panel with a panel of ribs either side  "12oz" embossed on base.  Near mint condition. (Middle of Picture.)$85. seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#24.   Rare Tippers Animal Medicines.  Cylinder Poison in Cobalt Blue.7 1/2 inches tall.Embossed "Poison"above 9 deep grooves,and"Tippers Animal Medicines" in a border below.The whole Bottle narrows from Shoulder down to base.In excellent condition with just small scratches etc. $195.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)   sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#25.   Wide Mouthed Cylinder Poison.  In bright Emerald Green. Not seen this type before. Front ribbed with no embossing. Back plain. Blown in mould tooled lip. 5 1/2 inches tall. Cellar found and mint. (Left of picture.)    seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#26.   Wide Mouthed Cylinder Poison.  As above but smaller 4 1/4 inch size. B.I.M.A.L. Near mint condition. (Middle of Picture). $45.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#27. Cobalt Cylinder.Again no embossing. Ribbed front plain back. B.I.M.A.L. Nearly 5 inches tall. Near Mint condition but small chip on edge of one rib.(Right of picture.) seephoto.gif (2090 bytes) sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#28.   Unusual, Tall 8 Sided Poison, Clarkes Ammonia.  B.I.M.A.L. With an offset neck. Aqua, 8 inches tall, embossed down the front "Clarkes Clear Fluid Ammonia". Ribbed down the two side panels. Near Mint condition, with two open air bubbles. Cleaned. Slight contents staining which does not detract. (Left of picture). $45.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#29.   Large Hexagon.  A.B.M. In Green. Embossed "Not To Be Taken" down front panel with a panel of ribs either side. "12" embossed on the Base. 7 inches tall. In excellent condition, just has a base chip and some internal stain. (Right of Picture).  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#30.   16 oz Square Chemist Poison.  7 inches tall including Ground Glass Stopper and nearly 2 3/4 inches wide.B.I.M.A.L. In Emerald Green. Has three ribbed sides and one plain side. Has "16" embossed on the Base. In very Shiny undug condition retaining its original Surface Sheen. In very near mint condition. (Right of Picture). $95.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)  sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

P#31.   Cobalt "Sulpholine" Poison.  Just over 4 1/2 inches tall, crude B.I.M.A.L.with lots of "Stresses" in the neck.   Rectangular Poison Bottle in Mid Cobalt Blue. Embossed down the front Panel "SULPHOLINE" with ribs either side. Each side panel is also ribbed, back is plain.  In excellent condition.  (Right of Picture.)  $19.  seephoto.gif (2090 bytes)    sold2.gif (1275 bytes)

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